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is designed to supplement, NOT replace your school’s Spirit Wear Program.
Students, parents, faculty, staff and other members of the school community may purchase exclusive MuralGear items featuring your school’s mural. Items include, but are not limited to, Bookmarks, Post Cards, Blank Note Cards, Note Pads, Bumper Stickers, Posters, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Embroidered Polos, Hats, and Laser-Etched Fleece Jackets.

The MuralGear program is a great way for any school that has purchased (or will be purchasing) a Timm Etters mural to generate a continuous stream of money. This money has been used to help enhance academic, athletic, and/or art programs such as Timm’s customized
Artist in Residence Program . Schools have even used a mural's final concept drawing for the MuralGear products to help purchase their actual mural.

The promotion of MuralGear sales will provide a steady stream of income directly to your school, Booster Club, or Parent Orginization. Initially designed to support the Arts, Timm is now offering the sale of items to ALL facets of student life, having evidence that the program will earn more for the school by making it available to everyone.

MuralGear is so flexible it can be launched at any time during the school year. However, schools that have utilized this program have had the most success initiating it prior to the start of school (usually at registration). As the year progresses, it can then be coupled with a major school function, pep assembly, activity, or at a time when the school chooses to host a special event selected by the sponsoring group(s).

The beauty of this program is the fact that once it is set up, the products will then be available ONLINE through the MuralGear website for your school to purchase indefinitely 24/7. With the availability of the online sale, you can raise money for your school every day of the year just by spreading the word, setting up a link on your school's website, and/or including the information in your school mailings/programs.

Artist Timm Etters and his team, along with the school’s PTO, PTA, Boosters or other sponsoring group, would work in a partnership to run the MuralGear Sale.

For a PDF of this letter and details demonstrating how much can be earned for your school, 
click HERE.

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