How are the items delivered to the customers?
There are two ways that the MuralGear items are delivered. The choice is up to those sponsoring the sale. The items can either be shipped directly to the customer with shipping charges applied to their purchase OR the shipping charges can be "turned OFF" when building the school's store to save their families the extra fees. If this option is chosen, the orders are filled, sorted, bagged, and checked twice before being delivered to the school directly. A monthly delivery date will be assigned to your school and each month, a delivery will arrive. NO SORTING is required on the part of the parent organization or school staff. Just call the students or parents to pick up their new MuralGear products.

Will this program interfere with our SpiritWear sale?
No. MuralGear is designed as a supplement to your SpiritWear. We are not interested in becoming your vendor for all of your Spirit Wear sales. MuralGear is a very specific product line that is created directly from the original mural that Timm painted in your school. Products can also be created directly from the Concept Art of a mural that you are waiting for... this way you can use the proceeds towards the cost of the mural you are purchasing.

How can we run MuralGear if our school is limited to a certain number of fundraisers per year?

The rebate checks can be written directly to the school or to a Parent Orginazation/Booster Club. This program is designed to run all year long, not just as a "fundraiser" which only runs during a limited time.
MuralGear creates a steady stream of income based on the amount of your school's sales throughout the year.

How much money can we raise per school year?
The amount of your rebate will be in direct corrolation with how well your school's MuralGear sales do.The more your school promotes the products and the online store, the better your chances for a succesful sale and sizable rebate.